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Ron Santo dead at 70

Hughes cheap jerseys noted that with all the medical problems Santo had including diabetes with resulting leg amputations, his heart and bladder cancer “he never complained. He wanted to have fun. He wanted to talk baseball.”

“He considered going to games therapeutic. He enjoyed himself in the booth right to the end.”

“We were together for so long,” said a mournful Billy Williams, who played alongside Santo for many years. “We formed a bond. It’s just like losing a brother.”

Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts released a statement: “My siblings and I first knew Ron Santo as fans, listening to him in the broadcast booth. We knew him for his passion, his loyalty, his great personal courage and his tremendous sense of humor. It was our great honor to get to know him personally in our first year as owners.

“Ronnie will forever be the heart and soul of Cubs fans.”

The former Cubs third baseman was best known to a younger generation for his work as an analyst on WGN, the Cubs’ flagship radio station. He was expected to return for the 2011 season. He missed several road trips in 2010 but insisted he would return.

“What else am I going to do?” Santo said during this past season. “Doing the Cubs games is like therapy for me.”

Former cheap authentic jerseys Cubs teammate Randy Hundley, who also worked in the broadcast booth with Santo, said none of Santo’s teammates realized he had diabetes until one night in St. Louis when he made a bad throw to first base and went down on one knee in pain.

Later they found out Santo had had the disease for six years, Hundley said. “We kidded him about it quite a bit, made his life miserable at times,” said the former catcher.

Former Cubs President John McDonough compared Santo to Harry Caray, the broadcasting legend who called games for both Chicago teams, noting neither had a filter, broadcast with unvarnished emotion and were enormously entertaining.

Santo mangled names, sometimes lost track of what was going on in a game and occasionally didn’t realize a player had been on the roster for months, but none of that mattered because people loved it, McDonough said. “We almost thought he was doing it on purpose,” he said. “It added so much entertainment value.”

One wholesale nfl jerseys of the rare times he saw Santo visibly upset, McDonough recalled, was after Frank Sinatra Jr. sang during the seventh inning stretch years ago. As Sinatra left the booth, he turned to Santo and told him he thought Santo was one of the best pitchers he had ever seen. “Ronny lost it,” McDonough said.

Santo was the quintessential Cubs fan and made no apologies for his on air cheerleading or his utter frustration over a bad play.

On many occasions, when Santo was upset with the way things were going for the team, a simple grunt or moan sufficed.

“I’m a fan,” he explained last summer. “I can’t plan what I do. I get embarrassed sometimes when I hear what I said, like, ‘Oh, no, what’s going on?’ But it’s an emotion.

“This is being a Cub fan.”

Santo never witnessed his longtime goal of election to the Baseball Hall of Fame despite career numbers that place him among baseball’s all time great third basemen. He finished with a .277 average over 15 major league seasons, with 342 home runs and 1,331 runs batted in.

Though Santo came close to Cooperstown enshrinement in the last decade in voting by the Veterans Committee, he always fell short. In 2007, Santo received 39 of the 48 votes necessary to reach the 75 percent threshold of the living 64 Hall of Famers to cast a ballot. His 61 percent lead all candidates and no one was elected to the Hall.

It was the fourth straight time the Veterans Committee had failed to elect a member, leaving Santo frustrated.

“I thought it was going to be harder to deal with, but it wasn’t,” he said that day. “I’m just kind of fed up with it. I figure, ‘Hey, it’s not in the cards.’ But I don’t want to go through this every two years. It’s ridiculous.”

Santo was up for the Hall of Fame on wholesale cheap jerseys 19 occasions, and first appeared on the Veterans Committee ballot in 2003. He got his hopes up on every occasion.

“Everybody felt this was my year,” he said after the last vote in December 2008. “I felt it. I thought it was gonna happen, and when it didn’t. . What really upset me was nobody got in again.

“It just doesn’t make sense.”

Santo was consistent that he did not want to make a posthumous entrance into the Hall of Fame. After being denied so many times, he was resigned to what is now the only possibility.Articles Connexes:

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