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The Best Cycling Jerseys

Large events like the Tour de France even have regulations on what colors wholesale jerseys shop and styles of jersey are admissible during their race, and certain patterns have come to represent the top performers in different segments. When fabrics like polyester became widely available, however, cyclists did a full switch to synthetic fabrics for even faster drying times and a close fit that wouldn’t loosen over time like wool. Spandex thread woven into the fabric also provides mild compression, allowing a cycling jersey to fit like a second skin. The best cycling jerseys use different variations of synthetic materials in different sections of the jersey, providing wind proofing for the front and ventilation at the back. Wired Magazine contributor Mark McClusky says that this particular construction is a noticeable improvement for cycling on cooler days.

Quick Grab

The best cycling jerseys always feature pockets across the lower back edge of the jersey. These pockets provide an ideal storage space for a small bottle, a cell phone, arm warmers, energy bars, your wallet, or your keys. Cyclists in professional races that don’t feature a pace car may also store a bicycle pump or patch kit in these pockets for quick flat repairs. Cycling jerseys provide an ideal solution to the things you’ll need to have on you during a training ride or a race wholesale nfl jerseys without weighing down the bike with any bags, and the pocket placement across the lower back is reasonably secure so you don’t lose anything important.

Cooling Down

The best cycling jerseys allow you to regulate your body temperature by opening and closing the zipper at wholesale jerseys the neck of the jersey. Most jerseys are either half zip or full zip; the best choice will depend on the temperature, since full zip jerseys allow a lot more venting at the cost of some difficulty wholesale jerseys china getting the zipper lined up again after you’ve cooled down. Thick, windproof jerseys that still feature the rear pockets and moisture wicking materials of lighter, summer weight jerseys are available from almost all of the same manufacturers. Rain jackets for cyclists also increase the options you’ll have for changing weather conditions to keep you comfortable and focused on your ride. You can even buy a traditional wool jersey woven with spandex for a good fit, which can give your cycling kit a distinctively retro look and feel.Articles Connexes:

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