Vinyl Siding Options Available in Boston, Milton, Brookline, Franklin & Other Communities in MA, RI & NH

Vinyl SidingWhen it comes to quality vinyl siding and expert installation, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire homeowners can trust the experienced professionals at ProHome Services, Inc. to provide both. We are proud to offer many styles of durable vinyl siding, all at competitive prices; in fact, they are often more affordable than traditional wood options. Plus, vinyl products don’t require the continual upkeep that wood siding does, so you don’t just stand to save money on the initial cost, but you’ll save yourself time and money for years to come.

At ProHome Services, we offer a myriad of vinyl home siding options from trusted manufacturers, including CertainTeed, Alside, and Crane, but we understand that vinyl siding might not be the ideal solution for you. That’s why we also provide traditional wood clapboard and shingles, as well as fiber cement siding from industry leaders at James Hardie, Nichiha, and CertainTeed.  That means that you can completely customize the appearance of your home by selecting the style, color, and finish that you like best. If you’re not sure which option to choose, you can always look to our professionals for help, and they’ll happily offer you advice to aid you in making your decision.

Our expertise extends beyond siding installation, and our trained installers can do the following:

  • Install a variety of energy-efficient replacement windows
  • Handle roofing issues with asphalt, composite, and rubber options
  • Complete house painting projects with high-quality Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paints

For more information on our vinyl siding options and our entire selection of home improvement services, contact ProHome Services, Inc today. We serve Boston, Arlington, Newton, and neighboring areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

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